We’re a crazy bunch committed to making localization fun again.

It’s not about features. It’s about results and performance. Real people need real results.

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We fix broken paradigms

We need to understand how things are done currently, where it hurts and how to improve so that we can jointly architect a future state that addresses priorities and requirements effectively.

BWX offers a wide range of features that encompass most use-cases in localization. Cost tracking, project management, quality governance, dispatch automation, advanced workflow management and file engineering. Our depth allows you to tackle it all.

The product is only as good as it’s implementation. Our use cases range from complex to insane. We don’t leave you hanging. Our implementation experts will walk with your team every step of the way to ensure adoption and success.


Renewal Rate

Our clients renew because we solve things, not just patch them up.


Localization Platform

Feature wise, BWX tackles more than any of it’s competitors.



From end-users to project managers, from linguists to finance operators, our user base is large, global and quickly growing.

We unlock ROI through hidden opportunities.

We look for the gems of simplicity underneath the web of complex localization that streamline success scalably and predictably.

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Winner MMTIG Award

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We Boost Our Clients’ Bottom Line by Optimizing Their Localization Management.

We’re A True Partner

Our story is about a language service company that needed technology to thrive. It’s about the need to introduce features that change the way things work rather than purely reflect the way things are.

Innovation Oriented

We focus on introducing innovation that really moves the needle. Our engineers are creative, motivated and inspired by our mission to re-invent the obvious.

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“For a partnership to succeed, credibility, communication, quality work, and accountability are key ingredients. What I like the most about Bureau Works is their consistency across these ingredients. They commit to quality, they’re responsive, and you can have open and solution-driven conversations without having to worry about a sales pitch or diversions. In a highly complex localization world with providers of all shapes and sizes, Bureau Works truly stand out as a trusted partner”

Wada’a Fahel

Localization Manager, Harley-Davidson

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