The Challenge has thousands of posts and pages hosted in WordPress that required a framework for continuous localization, in-context translation and market sign-off.

BWX REST API Approach Promotes Scale and Flexbility

Our approach to WordPress relies on leveraging its REST API to get posts, pages and other forms of WordPress assets, create translations projects in BWX, and re-deliver these pages using the appropriate site directory structure.

Once we get these pages we transform them into translatable assets in BWX so that we can process them against client-specific translation memories and term bases. We then automatically route the content to the correct people or agencies.

BWX has a website in-context preview feature that allows translators and market reviewers to see their translations rendered as they go for maximum contextualization.



Our REST API has been down for only a few minutes in the past 365 days.


Translation Management System

When it comes to page load speeds in large-scale use cases.



Process their content through BWX

“We wanted to build a connector that would remove all of the headache of managing large scale WordPress implementations.”

Henrique Cabral


The Cutting Edge

Our REST API approach promotes maximum SEO in different languages, allowing headers and other SEO relevant meta-data to be customized in each region. We can create different rules and workflows for different content types and deliver an tailor-made experience.

  • Custom Machine Translation Integrations

  • Post-editing translation productivity environment.

  • Quality governance and reporting

Our approach with connectors focuses around finding rules and patterns so that we can deliver frictionless predictability.

We understand that automation is an all or nothing kind of deal. That’s why we focused on automating everything when it comes to our continuous localization.

Quoting, payables, receivables, job assignments: everything is automation friendly in BWX.

Reduce your time to market

No more exporting and importing content or anything manually. New updates trigger translation processes so that your site is always up-to-date.


Increase your international reach

When the operation itself is friendly and predictable, overhead becomes low and there are no more barriers to operating internationally in many languages.

Sales Chart
Marketing Project


Our WordPress connector is one of a kind. It works beautifully in small and large scale implementations but truly shines when the going gets tough.

Automation and Governance

Unlike other platforms we don’t just limit ourselves to providing the medicine. We focus on delivering the cure. Easy project tracking, audit trails, automated assignments and costs so that your people can focus on what they do best: growing your business.


Perhaps the largest challenge with content is that if you don’t have the framework that’s just right, it won’t scale well. In most cases it will scale terribly. And BWX was built from the ground up with large scale uses in mind.

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