We aim high when it comes to information security, and we apply industry best practices to ensure a highly available and secure system for your projects and documents.


All files stored in Bureau Works are encrypted, and all traffic between our client apps uses SSL/TLS connections to keep your data transfers protected.

Encryption is not limited to your files. We encrypt all backups, communications, emails and server logs.

Security Compliance

Bureau Works is hosted in an environment where all actions are logged and stored for auditing. We actively monitor our services, and routinely hire external firms to perform security assessments and pentest in our systems.

We ensure the authorization of our users, and our service agreements with service providers allows Bureau Works platform to be compliant with ISO 270001, SOC, PCI, GDPR, among others.

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We control access to our system, and we use practices such as token-based and mandatory email-based MFA to all our users, at no extra cost.

Bureau Works keeps a record of your logged devices, in order to secure your account. We use IP-based location in order to protect your account from being used in unauthorized countries, and we have robust mechanism to block and unblock accounts automatically.