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Business today is global—even if you’re targeting only a domestic audience. Chances are, you have employees from around the world, or you work with suppliers and outsourcing firms in foreign countries. You may have your marketing collateral put together in India or your web design completed in China. And even here at home, our communities compose diverse backgrounds and languages

In some way, a foreign-language market is going to touch your business. That’s why you need professional business translation services. There’s too much at stake to pursue anything less.

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What to Expect from the Best, Most Professional Business Translation Services

While there are a lot of business translation services out there, not all of them are going to be prepared to manage the many moving parts that keep you operating. At Bureau Works, we can. Regardless of the needs of your business, we provide fast, efficient translation for a wide range of segments, including:

Contracts with suppliers and outsourcing firms can get complicated—especially when dealing with legalese on top of translation. Our services take the complexity out of your legal documents and ensure your terms are clear.
Human Resources
Employment contracts, guidance materials, and other international onboarding tools should all focus on simplified training. We can upgrade your overseas coaching experience and help improve your organization’s culture.
Whether you’re providing health insurance for workers or protecting yourself against business losses, having insurance forms in the right language will ensure you’re covered for what you need and don’t pay for what you don’t.
Customer Support
Whether you’re creating scripts to provide customers with the best services or programming bots to help streamline inquiries, our translation services can help recreate natural language effortlessly.
Marketing Collateral
Every product needs companion materials, and when those products enter new markets, they need documentation that speaks to a new audience.
Creating a seamless digital experience is vital for gaining consumer trust. As a website may be the first thing that introduces them to your brand, it should be fluent and brand accurate.

Knowing When to Localize Your Software

Bureau Works stands out from the competition because we don’t just translate. We recreate your materials for a new market while staying authentic to your brand and corporate culture. Here are just a few ways we provide a gold standard localization service.

Platform: Our platform allows you to manage all your translation needs in one place and connect with thousands of experts all over the world. You can also review and approve your tasks inside it and avoid the back and forth of email and phone calls.

Technology: We use AI to understand the unique needs of your business and match you with the perfect translator for your specific material and goals. We can also integrate our platform with a lot of standard content management and human resources systems to simplify use.

Quality: Our robust layers of translation help with speed and quality assurance. We’ll help you develop translation memories and other assets that are specific to your organization to ensure a complete on-brand experience for your readers.

Transparency: Our quotes are clear and transparent so you always know what to expect and can budget in advance for any translation project. Our solutions are entirely scalable so you can grow your project with your organization and see the best possible return on your investment.

Security: Security is our priority. We follow industry best practices to keep your data safe while ensuring our system is accessible and user friendly.

Our business translation services are a cut above the rest. With us, you can guarantee accurate and brand authentic translations regardless of your project, whether you’re marketing to new users, onboarding international employees, or making connections around the world.

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Getting started with our professional business localization services is a simple three-step process:

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All we need is a sign up name and an email so you can verify your account and start submitting projects.

Step 2

Then, you simply submit your project and choose your translators.

Step 3

Finally, receive your translation, ask for revisions, and return to step 2 to submit more projects. It’s that easy!

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